Clique’s hands-on, team approach -- combining the strengths of a closely-knit team with years of collective experience in the PR industry -- routinely achieves dramatic results for clients. Each client is overseen by one of the Founders, from the initial meeting to the implementation and beyond.

In a world of generalists, we’re proven specialists. Clique’s seasoned professionals have relevant and long-standing experience in a range of industries, ensuring expert recommendations with minimal learning curves for our clients, which equals LESS time “getting up to speed” and MORE time getting results.

Relationships are key to a successful PR program, and Clique has them! Identifying the right partner can reinforce any public relations campaign, push brand awareness and boost sales. Clients benefit from Clique’s high-level of connectivity by way of increased exposure and hard dollars. Clique believes that this kind of synergy serves as an added value for its clients. Therefore, we are always looking to bring key players to the table in order to achieve excellent returns.

When utilized wisely and strategically, dollar for dollar, public relations can be the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool available. At Clique, we understand that ROI is the “proof in the pudding” and that constantly measuring results is tantamount to any campaign. We are also small and nimble enough to turn on a dime and redirect our efforts, as needed, to keep in line with business goals and growth.