Clique PR - Public Relations & Marketing

We are a boutique public relations and marketing agency that designs and implements innovative, cost-effective programs that generate results and clearly impacts the bottom line for our clients.

The Concept behind Clique

Clique PR was founded and is managed by Dina Allende, an industry professional with over 20 years of experience. It has a vast network of colleagues and experts in their fields, thereby effectively forming a stronger clique!

We are often asked: How many members are in your team?
Our answer: How many do you need?

That’s because every client has different needs. Whether it’s a copy editor, video producer, graphic designer, photographer, script writer, or digital agency, to name a few, we can pull from our network of partners to provide the team that’s needed. That’s the premise behind Clique. Allow us to work with our partners. We will build a team that's both cohesive and seamless in support of your goals. We'll Make It Clique.

What Makes Us Clique

Clique’s years of service and stellar reputation will prove to your advantage when it comes to publicity, new business identification, third-party partnerships, and community outreach. Clique has developed a good working relationship with the media to successfully approach and engage members of the press. Allow us to become an extension of your business.
We will Make It Clique by integrating and collaborating well with your team.

Boutique Agency

When someone becomes a Clique client, they receive individual attention and a level of enthusiasm and professionalism that only a small, boutique agency can provide. We offer big advantages in a small package. Because we’re small, your pay-off is big. You can expect to have individualized attention, in-depth conversations about your strategy and marketing goals, and a much stronger agency-client relationship.

A Hands-On Team

Clients come to us when they need to outsource our services, but once we’re there, we’re part of the team. Expect to receive day-to-day client interaction and strategy implementation of a plan that would ideally tier up to the company’s marketing plan. Clique will manage and execute the campaign and work on a timeline that’s suitable to you.

Seasoned Professionals

In a world of generalists, we’re proven specialists. Clique’s seasoned professionals have relevant and long-standing experience in a range of industries, ensuring expert recommendations with minimal learning curves for our clients, which equals LESS time “getting up to speed” and MORE time getting results.

Forging Partnerships

Relationships are key to a successful PR program, and Clique has them! Identifying the right partner can reinforce any public relations campaign, push brand awareness and boost sales. Clients benefit from Clique’s high-level of connectivity by way of increased exposure and hard dollars. Clique believes that this kind of synergy serves as an added value for its clients. Therefore, we are always looking to bring key players to the table to achieve excellent returns.


When utilized wisely and strategically, dollar for dollar, public relations can be the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool available. At Clique, we understand that ROI is the “proof in the pudding” and that constantly measuring results is tantamount to any campaign. We are also small and nimble enough to turn on a dime and redirect our efforts, as needed, to keep in line with business goals and growth.


By integrating and using traditional media relations, grassroots organization, events, and innovative tactics, we are confident that we can secure the kind of results you’re hoping for. Clique’s years of service and stellar reputation will prove to your advantage when it comes to new business identification, third-party partnerships, and community outreach.


Terranea Resort / Destinations Hotels & Resorts
I consider Clique one of the most proficient and results-oriented public relations and marketing firms that I have had the pleasure to partner with. I found them to be extremely creative at generating unique ideas and solutions and developing strategic alliances between various related entities. Their attention to detail and follow through ensures that every project undertaken is a resounding success from concept to execution.
Agnelo Fernandes
Vice President Marketing and Sales
Copa Airlines
Copa Airlines gave Clique a challenging job. They listened to our plans and immediately started working, providing ideas and solutions. They did an amazing job selecting media and working with our team to make the company look good and professional. They worked with their hearts and gave their very best being very assertive. It was a pleasure to work with such positive professionals. I would not hesitate to recommend them any time.
Pamela Cordova
Sales Manager